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Post Info TOPIC: Responsible behaviour on this forum!


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RE: Responsible behaviour on this forum!

I do not intend to get into debate about the rules. For eveybody's benefit, the rules, shown hereunder, were published on 7 September 2007!

Simple Rules to be followed

The rules for the use of these forum's are simple.

No abusive or personal attack posts. Constructive criticism is not only OK, but to be encouraged, but offensive and/or abusive and/or personal attack posts will not be tolerated and will be removed without warning. 

Please keep to the topic. Off topic posts will either be moved to a more relevant area or deleted.

If any part of a post falls within the above disqualification rules, but other parts of the post may be of benefit to the wider radio yachting community, that post will still be deleted.

Repeated violations of the above rules by users will result in the users being banned from these forum's. Again, no warning will be given.

And there is no recourse. The decision of the Administrator is final. If you do not agree to these conditions, do not post here.

Otherwise, enjoy, and help contribute to the positive experience that is Radio Yachting, in all its forms.

-- Edited by Admin at 23:28, 2007-12-21 

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Smart move

I would suggest that perhaps you set the standard more clearly. At present it seems to be a double -standard..  * Impartiality does not require, however, that individuals be treated equally

*  Wanker is a pejorative term of English origin, common in Commonwealth and ex-Commonwealth countries, including Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. It initially referred to an onanist but has since become a general insult. It is synonymous with tosser.

*  Pejoratives[1] (or terms of abuse, derogatory terms), including name slurs,[2] are words or grammatical forms that connote negativity and express contempt or distaste.


*  Profanity is a show of disrespect, or a desecration or debasement of someone or something

So where do things stand when you allow certain individuals to slag off at others for asking questions of clarification & when a response is provided they get angry & pressure you to moderate better. 


You suggested & threatened closure of the EC12 threads if you didn't get a positive response. Did we see any, other than more vile attacks when the Voting outcome was challenged. Or was there more secrecy as is the norm in Radioo Sailing.

I simply support a requirement of Openness, Transparency Accountablity & not Hidden Agendas.

Going back to other posts, even the MM Threads, I see quite a deal of insulting suggestion from One Particular Individual.. But that is for some to decide whether things, attitudes & ideals have changed over time.

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The AEC12OA Voting thread has been deleted, in its entirety, due to to the extraordinarily high number of posts inconsistent with this forums' stated policies, against personal criticism!

I must state, that people only attack other people, personally, when they find their own logical arguments have no substance. Therefore, they rely on appeals to emotions to try to get their point across!

I made these forums' available to promote the dying sport of radio yachting!

I understand that sometimes, negative comments are required, to further the sport, but I also know that these comments can be structured in logical ways, and addressed to the right people.

As a note for further guidance on the use of these forums', I advise that those making any sort of criticism about any aspect of this hobby, should also suggest a solution to their criticism.

A two year old child, can, and does, criticise things, but does not have the experience, or knowledge, to suggest a solution.

I expect better from adults, and if they criticise something, then let them also suggest a solution! I expect adults to behave better than a two year old child!

To you users! If you cannot suggest a solution to your criticism, do not post it! I will not delete posts that don't meet this condition, but I'm sure that erudite readers will very soon discover who are the wankers, and who are the real promoters of this sport!

forum administrator

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And WA Boats, that is why open discussion without personal attacks is what I encourage! And let not people who live in glass houses throw stones, my friend!


Yesterday I received an email from a forum member. This is my response!

Hi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!

Thank you for taking the time to write to me.

I have answered your comments in maroon. I believe I have been impartial in my comments. 

I entered this hobby/sport for enjoyment and challenge. And that is the end to which I am working.

And I'm doing you the courtesy of letting you know that I will post this also to the forum, as no doubt there may be others that share your feelings. Your identity will not be revealed.

Your comments and my responses, in maroon, to them, hereunder:
I am reluctant to post on your website & maybe ask some basic questions..Have been a member on the site for a short time but just looking.
Contributions might help improve things!
I noticed a few spirited debates with some difference of opinions. Now some are removed & I am confused when such things as this remian. (there I go again winning the hearts and minds of some he he, I am way past caring about the delicate sensibilities of some of the wankers on here anyway),
 Posts that are gone seem to be far less insulting than this one. What standards are acceptable & what aren't?
The above post is a general comment, not a personal attack. People using profane language will be barred immediately. The above comment is neither profane, nor a personal attack!
This really made me feel disgusted with the Poster & so I have avoided asking any questions. They says he's the President..  
I understand that all people will not see all things the same way. I am sorry for your discomfort.
I read somewhere that you or others ssuggested closing the forum topics on EC12.  I would do this rather than try to change history or maybe change the perception of some posts by editing or deleting others.
What alternative would you suggest as being an acceptable medium for the discussion of EC12 issues if I closed the EC12 forum?

Deletion of posts containing personal attacks is in accordance with conditions of use of this forum!
The AEC12OA Voting topic was the start of what I se as a very narrow minded individual throwing out insults. And that was supposed to be their last post. But many others followed, all in a similar style. I think I counted 4 others that began with this is his last post. 
Not all people see things the same way. And people are entitled to change their minds.
So if you want feedback then I would suggest closing the Topics completely. Don't edit the discussion just take it away & see if the Straw person comes back & provides information of any value. I would suspect he wouldn't other than to have a go at others who disagree with him.
I have already stated that I will not edit posts. They either meet conditions of use of the forum or they do not. I repeat again, that posts containing personal attacks, will be deleted in total! If past posts are affected, then so be it. I have stated that personal attacks will not be tolerated. I do not have a problem with discussions being reported verbatim, but I will not tolerate personal attacks! I do not want to have to say this again!

EC12 forum topics will not be closed until a suitable alternative exits! There will be no problems if people do not make personal attacks. What dont people understand about this?

forum administrator

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I think that would be a very good thing.

Rather than edit & selective delete .. Close the whole lot of the Threads involved..


Future of AEC12OA Thread

AEC12OA Voting Thread.

Morgan Black Thread

AEC12OA Thread..


Just a few that start innocently enough but degrade into a rabble because of a difference of opinion.


To quote from Someone more in tune than myself & from some time back


 I totally despise and disagree with the concept of folks not being able to discuss items of interest or issue publicly. I am absolutely and totally sick and tired of behind the scenes activities occuring related to the general health of the radio yachting hobby/sport. This secretive approach has already proven to be destructive and a negative influence on this sport, and I want no part of this destruction.         





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As an additional note, I will also be deleting previous posts where personal attacks, or insulting ones have been made. 

If this action breaks the sequence of the thread, then so be it! 

Might I respectfully suggest that any users who may have made offending posts, copy them, edit out the offending portions, and repost if desired.

These actions will need to be performed before I get to these posts, which as previously advised, will be deleted in total!

forum administrator

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I will not tolerate individual's making personal attack's on other individual's.

Irrespective of content, even if some of it is positive, posts will be deleted, in total, if they contain personal attack's on individual's!

I do not have the time, the incliniation or any intention, of editing offending posts. I do not see any reason why I should be tidying up the posts of irresponsible users! Posts either meet the conditions of use of this forum, or they do not! If in doubt read the section on terms of use!

I have no problem of spirited discussion related to issues, and issues only, and, I expect users who post items, to behave in a civilised manner!

To those user's who disagree with the above comments, please feel free to discontinue accessing these forums'. 

forum administrator
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