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Post Info TOPIC: Boats Suitable for the Beginner & Novice to Radio Sailing

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Boats Suitable for the Beginner & Novice to Radio Sailing

Boat Design or Name:  Graupner  Micro Magic

Class: Micro Magic

Cost: $330 (kit) to $600 on water (depending on electronics used)

Kit from $330 + post

Glue $20

Electronics $50-$200

Painting $ ???

RTR $400 approx


Size: 535mm

Weight: 860g - 900g


Light weight Boat that is adaptable to social sailing & can be used out of the Box (after Building Kit) for Racing within the Class or against other Boats of a similar size.

Easily transported in the Back or Boot of a Car. Fully rigged can be on the water sailing in minutes.

One design Hull where all boats are similar & mostly the Skill of the Skipper is measured & not the depth of the Pocket nor the thickness of the wallet. 

Association Setup within Australia to promote the Micro Magic as a racing Class & to encourage Invovement in Radio Sailing both socially & class racing

Australian & World websites setup to provide for all sorts of information from the Basic Build to Tuning the Boat in Standard Form or Helping with modifications if you want to tinker with things.

RTR Kit available from O/Seas.. Australia ??? Check with suppliers.

In Basic setup a good sailing boat to 10-12 Knots.

Lots of suppliers of Spare Parts & Upgrade parts available if needed.

Most Modifications are within the ability of anybody with basic modelling skills.

Lots of assistance available from Serious Racers & Fun Sailors alike.  

Rig is removable for easy transport & storage



A little costly for a small yacht made from Plastic.

Building Kit & needs some modelling skills.

To do Serious Racing an additional 2 Rigs with sails will be required to match.

Modifications Needed: Serious Racing requires additional rigs & sails Depending on setup these can range from $120 -$160 for each rig.


Radio Yacht Supplies Australia

Radio Sailing Shop

Float a Boat


Any useful Links on the Boat:

Australian Website

International Website

Personal Expperiences with the Boat:

I have been racing and sailing the same boat for 4 years & with care & regular maintenance I have not had any problems. Boat has been to Queensland, & Canberra for Interstate Events & is easily packed inside a suitcase. Another trip to Queensland in 2012 should see the Boat retired from Interstate Racing.  My Boat is standard Kit Construction with a few small adjustments for personal preference. Mostly any modification I make are done with parts from the Kit or readily available from Local Suppliers.

Personally I feel that unless you want to perform as a top-flight skipper modifications outside the 2 extra rigs is not necessary. Any modification made should be freely available to all for copying, evalutating or ignoring as the case may be. 

Currently I have several boats built as Loan & Test Boats

For all your Micro Magic Questions I would suggest taking a trip to the Official Australian MM Site listed above & ask any question you like .  Signing up to the Forum is Free & members are only too willing to help. The site is for everybody not just those that are looking to race.

Want to get an Official Australian Sail Number you can call your own.. You only need to Join the Association ($5).



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This has a lot of merit John! Way to go! smile smile smile

I will kick off the first post here, with my very first yacht!

Boat Design or Name: Victor Model Products, America 3

Class: America's Cup post 1986

Cost: Hmmm, About $190 about 12 years ago, I think!

Size: Hull length 24"

Weight: Very light! smile

Pros: Great looking boat, great building instructions, can use standard servo's from any R/C system. Is great to sail in a light breeze! Only needs about 22cm water depth. 

Cons: Difficult to sail for the inexperienced once a breeze gets up. Plastic fitting at top of mast very fragile.

Modifications Needed: Replace plastic fitting at top of mast with aluminium. I would class this modification as absolutely essential. And I would use a more powerful servo for the winch!

Suppliers: Victor Model Products. Hobby shops may have them.

Any useful Web Links on the Boat:  Try also, on-line Hobby Shops.

Personal Expperiences with the Boat: I learned to sail with this boat down at the back beach in Williamstown. The boat spent as much time under the water, (submarining), in strong winds, as above it. But nothing ever broke, apart from the top mast fitting. The boat also, even though submerged to above deck level, stayed remarkably dry. 

It holds pride of place in my lounge room, not only for its aesthetic appeal, but because despite, or maybe, because of, the trials, it was responsible for my proceding further into this sport. I loved the challenge of sailing this boat well!

Model Yachting - The Only Way To Go!
Secret Alias - Don Leitis

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Boat Design or Name:  1/8th Scale Hartley

Class: TS 16

Cost:  Kit $390, RTR $550 * (subject to change) More Info email:

Size: 600mm

Modifications Needed: Nil


Any useful Links on the Boat:


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G'Day Guys

I suppose I asked for it, So I am starting a Thread which hopefully will provide for some valuable information to Newcomers willing to give Radio Sailing a Go.

Your co-operatioon is required.. This is NOT a  This Boat is Better than that Boat  but more of a list of Pros & Cons with valid information, people can use when deciding if a boat is worth considering,

I think Ron started it with the TS16 from SA & I will provide for a link with some info later.. Who knows Steve may post something himself...

But for Now I would suggest a simple format, not all needs to be completed but as much info as you have available.

Even Bad Experiences with some of the Rubbish is welcome... Try not to get into a slagging match if you disagree.. Just post your own experiences & maybe so suggestions...


So post away & lets hope we can help people start heading in the right direction & maybe save tehm a few dollars along the way. blankstare.


Boat Design or Name:







Modifications Needed:


Any useful Links on the Boat:

Personal Expperiences with the Boat:


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