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Post Info TOPIC: Independent thoughts regarding 12 meter class, model yachting...


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RE: Independent thoughts regarding 12 meter class, model yachting...

Hi Straw!

...errr I did vote that I supported the way the IE12 future direction was going, given that there was now a group of people who were actually doing something. And in my additional comments above, I stated that I fully supported their ultimate direction, particularly for those interested in competition, both domestic and international.

I have very limited confidence and/or faith in the existing ARYA rules and regulations. These are still up in the air, after decades, and nothing has been achieved in all that time. Same old, same old... And so I must reluctantly be of the opinion, that the ARYA version will eventually disappear from the face of the earth...

I guess what distresses me the most, is the petty bickering between the two groups, with people having made choices on the basis of personalities, rather than issues. Once emotion enters the room, logic walks out, and that is what I fear has happened.

I will re-read my documentation again, but I am sure that in the last documentation I received, the 5 year limit was still in force. But as I say, I will read it all again!

Thank you for taking the time to make comment.


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 Maverick, They are turning a Nautic 12 to a Australia 11.  The kiwis have got a name for it Australia 11.  I,m for it and all my mates a for it.

Ec12 have day. Do an dust! I will go with the ones.




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Hi Don, I just have had your post here brought to my attention and was quite upset to read aspects of what you had to say about the new IE12 direction of our association. Upon a careful read of one aspect of what you were saying in that you were of the opinion that we in the AEC12OA intended to only allow a 5 year window for all the older EC12 to remain within our organization, I have to correct you and inform you that you are in fact mistaken in this regard.

It is true that we in the executive were contemplating this approach but after hearing from the members we decided to abandon this idea and instead grant grandfather status to all old registered EC12 in perpituity for as long as the boats remained in circulation.

Gary Taylor brought this matter to my attention and intended to post this comment on here but had forgotten his user and password so I reproduce what he wanted to convey to you here below.

"Hi Don

I saw your post on the forum about not being able to sail an old boat in 5 years time.

This is incorrect as there where a lot of changes in the final rules to be voted on.

We listened to all the feedback we received and finally convinced Peter to bend to members wishes and there were quite a few changes to enable old boats to sail indefinitely.

It is then up to us to build a better boat to  encourage people to want to change. These boats will not leak down the centre as they are a one piece mould not two halves joined.

I currently have orders for about 12 boats and have not even come up or notified prices yet, so you can see there is still a lot of interest in the class. the most interesting thing is enquiries from states that do not as yet run a fleet.

Anyway interesting times ahead.

I did want to put this on the forum but I think I have misplaced my username ect.


Garry Taylor"

So Don it seems that you have not read the paperwork we sent to all the members correctly as nowhere does it say we intended to do what you have suggested. I think that if you had read thoroughly the documentation in full it may well have had you vote differently and of course it is still possible to change your vote if the removal of this concern helps to make you happier. I would be only too happy to discuss personally with you any additional concerns that you may have if this helps to smooth the waters.




-- Edited by Straw on Wednesday 6th of June 2012 06:06:36 PM



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The EC12 or the new classification for the new mould boats, the IE12, is a no brainer for me.

I have for almost a decade now, been a fervent promoter of the EC12, for it is one of the most beautiful boats that has ever taken to the water...

I have earned a bad reputation over the years with the hierarchy of the ARYA, about their lack of promotion for this beautiful boat. 

Things seem to be moving finally in a good direction, under the auspices of members of the AEC12OA, although that name, no longer is appropriate, in my opinion, for the new direction this group is taking.

Existing EC12's will no longer be recognised as legitimate boats in 5 years time. This sticks in my craw. And I violently oppose this limitation imposed on the life of existing EC12's...

I thnk for new people coming into this class, the existence of the new IE12 group with the ability to provide new boats is something that I so dearly wish was available when I wanted to purchase an EC12...

However, it wasn't, and I eventually purchased a previously owned EC12. This boat was a dog. It leaked like a sieve, until some years later, I acquired the skills to fix this problem. But it was too late then. It was a terrible boat to sail when it was leaking, and a difficult boat to sail, when the leaks had been stopped... Bu still, it was a beautiful boat to look at...

And so we come to the present day... today... the 3rd June 2012

And my opinions, in some respects have not changed...

I have never yet, seen an ugly 12-metre boat...

But my old EC12 will now never be recognised as a legitimate boat, as despite my best efforts, I was never able to get my boat officially registered, without incurring excessive costs... And at any rate, even if it was to be officially registered, its competitive life would end in 5 years anyway, as from that point on, only boats from the new moulds would be recognised...

So what I am going to do with my existing EC12 is this...

1. The existing rudder, I am going to cut down so that it continues the graceful lines of the EC12's hull and keel, and use a third channel on my radio, to use that bit of rudder that remains, as a trim tab. 

2. I shall fit an additional external balanced rudder aft of the existing rudder, as was developed for the groundbreaking US 12-metre Intrepid in the America's cup series...

This will enable me to enjoy sailing my modified EC12 once again...

But... this is a one off!

I believe the future lay with the Nautic 12 or A2 class boats...

Why do I say that?

Because they are beautiful boats, in the 12-metre class idiom. And they are much easier to sail than any EC12, thereby promising greater satisfaction to a newcomer to the sport.

And they have the famous winged keel that took the America's Cup away from the NYYC after 132 years... There is history with these boats!

And they only need 12 inches or just over 300mm of water depth to sail in! And that connot be ignored in these times when sailing locations are becoming harder to find... Get a heavy dew on your front lawn... then go sailing! 

I will support the direction the folks promoting the IE12 are going in, for they will have boats that can compete on the international stage, along with the USA and New Zealand. 

But for me, my passion will be with the Nautic12 for its simple deck design and extremely effective water tightness, and the A2, for its more scale like deck, but possible problematic water tightness*. The hulls are identical.

And, as there is, to the best of my knowledge, nobody making new boats, from either moulds, I no longer have any specific, or preferred, loyalty to what I considered the true boat, the A2, of which Ben Lexen was the registered owner of Hull #12 and #14. (These hull no's may not be correct, as I go from memory from sighting of original A2 Class documents.)

* My own boat has proven to be watertight, and does not let any water in. 

Having sailed both the Nautic12 and the A2 in publicly accessible grounds, unsolicited comments about the beauty of these boats from the general public have been most encouraging, and satisfying.

A. I will support the development of the new IE12 Class. If there is to be any future for the EC12 class, particularly with regard to international competition, then, in Australia, this is where it will be. And I have no sympathy for existing EC12 owners who have been silent for, in my experience, at least 10 years. 10 years in which time they had every right to hold the ARYA as incompetent as regards their class. 10 years in which time they could have brought pressure to bear on their representatives to the ARYA to change things. 

There is now an alternative, and whether you like it or not, you have all brought this state of affairs upon yourselves...

B. After 10+ years of banging my head against the wall regarding the EC12, and only ending up with a headache, I will continue an interest, but from afar. 

My interest now is in getting new folks into this hobby at minimum cost, and with easy to sail boats, in all kinds of weather, and with minimum water draft requirements... the Nautic12's and the A2's. But I need help with this...

I need to have access to moulds, and to the expertise that is required to produce these beautiful boats...

Please contact me, if you are able to help... at


Model Yachting - The Only Way To Go!
Secret Alias - Don Leitis
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